From “Lost Hope” to Advocate.


This has to be one of my most memorable deals that I’ve ever facilitated within my career.

The property was coming out of a very lengthy sales campaign that ran through 2 sales agents with no real results for the owner.

I approached her and she was very hesitant to trust another agent to assist her with the property. It was becoming a “lost hope” moment for the owner.

You see, this property she poured her heart, soul and personality. It was a property that was so significantly renovated that it became unrecognisable whilst keeping it’s unique character. I saw why the owner was so reluctant to accept any price on the property – it was really a piece of her that she was building.

She came around to the idea of renting the property but said that she didn’t want to trust just one agent with the property and decided to list it with 3 different rental agents! I understood why she did that, it was a tough situation that she came from. I said that there was no need, but it didn’t matter either way.

I created the action plan (Please ask for an example in the contact page if you don’t know what this is) and formulated a targeted campaign towards health professionals.

I listed the property online and sent it to my database. In the very first inspection I had doctors come through the property and immediately fall in love. Not only did I secure them for the property, I also negotiated a higher rental per week by $400 over expected rate by negotiating an included furniture package.

Julie was amazed by how quickly this was done and how the extra rent was obtained.

Julie ended up not only happy she also referred me two other clients. The property rented for $1,900 per week.

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